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Ready to transform your home from chaos into calm?
Decluttering can change your life but it’s hard to know where to start and how to make decisions.
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The Essentials Guide

The Essentials Guide equips you with industry-proven tips to declutter and organise your home from head to toe. Brimming with strategies for each room of your house, this course is perfect for the person who is ready and motivated to begin.

The Organised Life

The Organised Life provides practical tips and community support to organise your home, time, and life. With unfettered access to organising experts as well as fellow declutterers, you will have all the tools needed to help you turn your house into a home.

The Organised Kitchen

The Organised Kitchen focuses on making your kitchen work best for you! Learn how to set up better systems so cooking and preparing food in your kitchen is more functional and enjoyable for the whole family.

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Hoarding Q and A With Dr Randy Frost

This episode is a Q&A with Dr Randy Frost about Hoarding Disorder. Dr Frost answers listener questions like why our loved ones hoard garbage; why clutter makes us feel safe, and do hoarders actually recover? If you or someone you know is struggling with …

The Go Zone

This episode is about the Go Zone. Join Bonnie and Lily to define what a Go Zone is, how to set one up in your home, and why every home needs one. If getting out the door on time is a mission in your house, the go zone is a game changer. Join the ’12 D…

School Memorabilia

This episode delves into the minefield of school memorabilia. Join Lily + Bonnie as they chat about what school memorabilia to keep, how to organise school memorabilia, and ways we can honour your child’s efforts. If you’ve got piles of old schoolbooks a…

Getting Ready For Christmas

This episode is all about getting ready for Christmas. Join Bonnie + Lily as they chat about how to get your family to work as a team to make this season merry and bright, and how to talk to your loved ones about giving intentional gifts. If you’re needi…

Organising Children With ADHD

This episode is all about organising children with ADHD. Dr Russell Barkley, a clinical professor of Psychiatry and leading expert on ADHD joins Lily and Bonnie to share some essential ideas about children with ADHD. If you want to know how to help a chi…


This episode is all about minimalism. Join Bonnie + Lily to bust the minimalism myths and discover what minimalism REALLY is, and how you can apply these principles to your life. Perfect for the minimalist and maximalist alike, this conversation will pro…

Tips For Moving House

In this episode Bonnie and Lily talk about moving house; how to make it simple and easy and stress – free! Learn how to move interstate without too much fuss, how to pack your home for an international move, and what are the key elements to make moving s…

Get Organised With The Home Edit

In this episode Bonnie and Lily chat about the new Netflix show, Get Organised With The Home Edit. Find out what form versus function really means, how you can apply their strategies in your home, and what considerations you need to make when organising …

Hoarding Disorder with Dr Randy Frost

This episode is about Hoarding Disorder with Dr Randy Frost, a Professor of Psychology at Smith College, Massachusetts. We’ll find out if being cluttered makes you a hoarder; why hoarding disorder makes letting go of things so difficult, and when you sho…

Working from Home

In this week’s episode we’re talking about setting up a workspace at home. Whether you’re in isolation, under house arrest or starting a side hustle from home, join Lily and Bonnie as they share their tips for working from home. If you’re struggling to w…

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My house is now a pleasure to come home to. Even the kids are able to keep it clean because everything has a place. I know it seems crazy but I feel like I have a new lease on life!

Mandy, Brisbane

I feel like the kitchen organising and ‘Go Zone’ has changed my life. Bags get unpacked and put away as soon as we get home and my cooking is more peaceful and methodical. Operating ‘shop from home’ is progressing well and the planning for fridge/freezer is in process!

Lee, Brisbane

Our household is much more organised and it feels easier to clean (even with kids) as everything has a spot. It has helped other areas of my life, like our business, which was the goal. Thank you again for everything.

Sharleen, Sunshine Coast

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